Big Refunds and Less Ongoing Spend on Your LTL, Parcel and Mail

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Would you like to get refunds on your LTL, parcel, and mail?  What if you could also get proactive savings on your Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipments before booking the freight?  How much additional budget money can be generated for your company?  Would you like to receive a free analysis of the opportunity?  (And, by the way, NO IT involvement is needed.)

Generate New Budget & Get Breakthrough Visibility.

Since 2003, we have helped hundreds of companies generate major savings, get better contracted rates, and keep those rates in compliance.  Our 19 years of negotiations and contracting experience along with award-winning technology help clients lower their shipping costs, streamline operations, and get breakthrough visibility into their freight that was simply not possible before.  

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Sample Case Study Results

Clothing Manufacturer

We negotiated a 40% reduction on this multimillion-dollar LTL budget and a 12% parcel cost reduction on this $8M segment of their business.

E-Commerce Shipper

We negotiated an 18% reduction in small parcel costs on a $3M+ shipping budget and produced 17% savings on international mail costs.

Lighting Manufacturer

We generated 15% cost reduction on Parcel and 28% percent on Freight. No longer hand-keying invoices. 

What Is Freight Optics?

Are profits escaping from your bottom line through your supply chain? For most companies, the answer is a resounding YES! Our cutting-edge platform monitors each aspect of your supply chain to maximize all savings opportunities whether you ship freight, parcel, or both. With FreightOptics’ technology on your side, profits stay right where they belong. FreightOptics is the industry’s leading software for comprehensive logistics and supply chain solutions in all modes. Find out how we can improve your bottom line.

Trucking Tower Podcast - Episode 18 - Brad McBride, CEO of Zero Down Supply Chain Solutions

About Zero Down Supply Chain Solutions

Since 2003, we’ve provided our clients with a consultative-style approach that dramatically reduces transportation and supply chain expenses. Through our Audit, Refund, Business Intelligence, Optimization and TMS service offerings, we uncover unnecessary, hidden expenses and present our findings as unbiased, actionable data.

Long-standing industry experience, detailed negotiation capabilities, and our proprietary software suite, FreightOptics, enable us to assist our clients in reducing erroneous shipping charges, thereby improving the bottom line with minimal time involvement required.

We serve all modes, both domestic and international: Courier, Small Parcel, Less Than Truckload, Truckload, International Air and Ocean, and Ocean Contracts direct with Steamship Lines.

Our Team

Our team comes armed with decades of carrier and client-side experience in sales and operations. With this experience came the knowledge that most customers don’t have the time, technology or expertise to negotiate favorably with their carriers.

Zero Down Levels the Playing Field

We are passionate about helping our clients achieve supply chain savings and efficiencies through our best-in-class auditing and optimization services, the latest in business intelligence, and our cutting-edge transportation management system, all powered by our proprietary, industry-leading technology, FreightOptics.

The Founder and CEO

Brad McBride is a logistics industry professional with more than 30 years of experience. He launched Zero Down Supply Chain Solutions in 2003 to make an impact on the traditional industry practices that weigh businesses down. Through Zero Down, Brad works with clients both internationally and domestically to reduce shipping costs by 15-25% and achieve best-in-class carrier contracts covering all modes of transportation.

In 2016, Brad launched FreightOptics, a disruptive logistics technology created on an open source platform. The mobile-friendly, cloud-based software is a data hub that provides one login access to view all modes, gain visibility, and maintain control of logistics expenses. By leveraging the revolutionary technology of FreightOptics with the experience and expertise of his Zero Down team, Brad focuses on his core mission: helping clients achieve value and efficiency that positively impact the bottom line.

What Executives Are Saying

John Lawrence President


...helped us achieve over $4B sales pipeline growth in our first 5 months of working together. We enjoy our business development partnership, and we are excited about the sales projections for the months and years ahead through this trusted relationship.

Brad McBride CEO / Founder


Andy and his team helped generate over 200 inbound lead messages in 3.5 months with their solution. I am very pleased with the results.

Adam Taylor Consultant / IT Analyst


This is a game-changer in getting appointments with the right people using a better approach in our digital age. The number of inbound lead messages from the targeted list of executives far exceeded my expectations.

Lee Salz CEO / Bestselling Author

"EXPERT ADVICE IN MODERN SALES TECHNIQUES AND INBOUND LEAD GENERATION" advice in the areas of sales automation, inbound lead generation, and modern sales techniques. I have enjoyed being a featured guest on Andy's podcast and I look forward to other collaborations.

Ryan Rogers CEO / Founder


It's like making investments where your money is making money when you are sleeping. The automation is a huge time saver and a follow-up saver. I know this tool is constantly working while we are working as well.

Mike Kositzky President


I could not recommend Andy any more highly. This is evidenced by the fact the after Andy left the full time employment of Appian we continued to make use of his talents to assist us in critical projects.

Sammy LeBrasseur Founder / CEO


Andy's primary character trait, which puts him at the top of my list of people I have been truly grateful to work with, is his genuine kindness and unwavering dedication to providing you the best service possible.


Our clients achieve results that are anything but boring and lackluster. If you want breakthrough performance in sales growth or you want breakthrough operating cost reductions for your fleet operations, please come join the revolution. We break the rules of using old tools and methods with the same old humdrum results.  We love to help our clients speed past the competition and achieve new levels of success. If that sounds interesting to you, we would love to chat. Contact us today!

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