Discover Why Successful Salespeople Are Using Lead Sniper™ to Generate More Revenue

As experienced sales people with 50+ years of combined experience, we know firsthand what it’s like to move from cold calling and outdated “show up and sell” sales techniques to modern sales tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and other cold messaging platforms. 

Which is why we created a tool that’ll help you work smarter rather than harder in generating more revenue. Despite working less, you’ll see more meetings per week with qualified companies. 

Even better, you’ll effectively increase revenue for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising campaigns.

Most clients can even expense our monthly lead generation service fee and show the new results in meetings, proposals and deals done. Compare our cost per lead to expensive ads and marketing campaigns and you’ll see why clients are raving.  

We used this same methodology to 10X our own sales pipeline.  See the results for yourself!

Personalized Outreach that Works

The challenge for many companies is reaching the right executives without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising to an  audience that is too broad.  You want to reach the right executives.  And, using “spam” messaging closes the door before you can prove any value. 

Our approach is designed to get meetings with qualified contacts through a relationship-building approach. You will find that you close more sales faster when you use this philosophy and methodology.  

We are always thinking about the executive and “what’s in it for them”.  You want to create a personal connection, understand their needs, deliver value, and continue assisting. In return, you get increased revenue, testimonials, case studies and social proof which is absolutely critical in the age of digital marketing and digital meetings.

People Buy From People They Know Like and Trust

The saying goes “people buy from people they know like and trust”.  We have found that to be very true for our own purchasing decisions. If you think about your own big purchasing decisions, isn’t that true for you as well?  

Even if you are buying strictly via e-commerce, don’t you look at the companies recommendations and social proof before buying?  

We use targeted messaging, coaching, and automation tools to help clients reach the right contacts and generate more quality meetings. You have the ability to “crank up” and “crank down” your leads per month based on your current business needs. 

Get More Sales Using Trucking Tower's Lead Sniper™ Sales Program & Training

With Lead Sniper™, you’ll. . .
  • Generate More Sales, More Quickly
  • Save Time Using an Automated Nurturing and Buyer Psychology Approach That Generates Meetings
  • Be Our Podcast Guest to Share Value Statements, Personal Stories and Case Studies
  • Leverage LinkedIn Automated Messaging to Reach Hundreds of Targeted Contacts
  • Create Compelling Email and Automated Messaging Content using the proven 2V to 2R Methodology
  • Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Maximum Know, Like, and Trust
  • Expense Our Program and Training and Get Fast Results to Show For It

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