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  • See How to Reduce Fuel Consumption Up to 30% 
  • Compare Your Current Fuel Economy Against Other Fleets Anonymously 
  • Learn What Trucking Technologies Are Having the Greatest Impact Utilizing Road Data
  • Market Your Solutions Using Real Road Data That is Desired by the Fleet Executives
  • Get Insights from Executive Leaders in the Trucking Industry
  • Learn What Engines Are the Most Fuel Efficient
  • See Detailed Fuel Economy Data Before and After Technology Deployments
  • Anonymously Compare Your Results Against Top Performers
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How do you benefit from the Fleet Compete™ software and ecosystem of fleet executives, technology solutions, and media coverage driving substantial cost reductions? 

This video explains the opportunity.

Our patent-pending software is built to provide actionable intelligence to the market in an easy to use system. We have one goal in mind with this solution – to help our clients reduce their operating costs, and we focus on that every day.

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Business intelligence platform for the trucking industry

Downshift Your Fuel Expenses

With over 25 years of supply chain experience and 14 of those years spent working in trucking technology, Andy Hedrick designed an easy to use software that helps companies measure their results against the top tier performers and uncover ways to reduce operating costs. 

Before starting Trucking Tower, Andy implemented software with hundreds of companies and has a keen eye for creating valuable reporting that is easy to access.  Our patent-pending technology was designed to help our clients drive continuous improvement and cost reductions.

Now, you can compare your results against your peers anonymously, understand areas of opportunity, and achieve new levels of success.  We have integrated our platform with top ELD platforms and we can work with your IT group to integrate your data as well.  Sign up to access the business intelligence platform today!

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