26.73% MPG Increase on Average. Net Savings. 21.9% Less Emissions at Combustion. Patented. Proven. Insured. EPA-Certified. Over 70 Million Gallons of Fuel Treated.

We love to help companies with 10%-23% net savings off their normal fuel spending while helping drivers and operators with more responsive engines. Less fuel. Less emissions. Fewer repairs.  We prove that every day and we look forward to working with you!

When you schedule your Zoom meeting, we compile a Net Savings analysis with you. What would a 10%-30% reduction in fuel, fewer repair bills, and more uptime mean for your business?  When you are asked about your green initiatives for RFPs and presentations with stakeholders, would fuel reduction and lower emissions help you?

Less fuel. Less DEF. Fewer repairs. More uptime to keep your assets moving and generating revenue. Client and lab studies are included below. Check out the video that outlines our money-back guarantee and shows the results that other fleets are seeing today.   

News: Trucking Tower & Sourcifi Partnership

Trucking Tower™ and Sourcifi™ announce an alliance to help fleets reduce their fuel spend by 10%-23% net cost savings using a proven 6-in-1 green fuel technology and a money-back guarantee program.

“My dedication to enhancing profitability through strategic sourcing naturally gravitated towards fuel savings. Fuel is the #1 cost of operating a big rig truck and this solution makes a tremendous impact,” remarked Tim Perkins, CEO of Sourcifi.

Sourcifi and Trucking Tower Announce Alliance

Client and Lab Results | Reduce Your Fuel Consumption and Emissions

See the results of our solutions first-hand with our money-back guarantee!  Since 2018, we have helped clients dramatically reduce spend on fuel and maintenance costs.  A more efficient fuel burn.  Lower emissions. Less DEF.  Less repairs and downtime. We help companies generate higher margins and generate additional revenue using revolutionary fuel technology and blended-fuel solutions. We would love to help you as well. 

See the Results For Yourself - Money-Back Guarantee

Why not try the 6-in-1 green fuel technology to see the results first-hand with our money-back guarantee? What have you got to lose? We are here to help you deploy the technology and measure the impacts. You don't need to take our word for it. See the results in the field for yourself!

About Trucking Tower

Proven Strategic Consulting

Before founding the company in 2018, Andy Hedrick spent over 20 years working for trucking technology and supply chain consulting companies to implement hundreds of projects with companies spanning Asia, Europe, and North America.

That hands-on experience, coupled with the need to help clients achieve breakthrough results led Andy to search out the most effective solutions and to partner with other technology companies to drive better results. 

In 1992, while earning his Industrial Engineering degree, Andy was the 3rd employee of a trucking software company that would later be part of a publicly-traded company. 

He initially worked in the customer service area where he was tasked with selling and supporting trucking software solutions and providing excellent customer service to retain customers and grow revenue.

Directly out of college in 1996, Andy was tasked with streamlining electronics repair and warehousing operations spanning Mexico and the US for a Fortune 500 electronics manufacturer. He presented results and project plans monthly to the company leadership. 

He then traveled to Asia and Europe in delivering projects for other international companies. He was always working to deliver great improvements and to sell the next big improvement idea based on current project goals. 

The first consulting company he worked for helped clients launch overseas operations and streamline existing operations.  He traveled throughout the world helping to launch distribution operations and also helping to generate better results with less cash outlay

After being a road warrior for years, he settled down in his home state of Oklahoma and started a family. Andy has been a featured speaker at numerous supply chain conferences, and has provided insights and thought leadership for leading trucking and supply chain publications based on those hands-on experiences around the globe.  

We love to help clients reduce operating costs and improve profit margins.  That has been a focus of our Founder going back to the 1990’s and continues today.  We are here to support you and to help you achieve new heights of success.  If you are curious to learn more about the impacts of the CyberFuels technology or if you would like to discuss your operations and how we may be of assistance, please be sure to book your 15-minute meeting using the “Let’s Talk” button. 

Andy and his team have helped hundreds of clients spanning Europe, Asia, and North America going back to 1992.  Time savings.  Less money spent with more output.  Andy earned his Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Oklahoma while working for a logistics technology company that would later be a part of Trimble – a $3.6B USD annual revenue company traded on NASDAQ.  Andy has been a featured presenter at supply chain conferences and has provided insights in many of the leading logistics and supply chain publications. 

He worked on international supply chain projects and technology deployments that have helped clients dramatically reduce operating costs and he managed new distribution center launches to help companies serve new geography.  Trucking Tower’s focus is helping our clients achieve new heights of success by providing exceptional customer service and cutting edge-solutions.  

Partners and Clients

Our partners and clients achieve results that are anything but boring and lackluster. If you want breakthrough operating cost reductions for your fleet operations, or you want to increase your revenue, please come join the revolution. We break the rules of using old tools and methods with the same old humdrum results.  We love to help companies clients speed past the competition and achieve new levels of success. If that sounds interesting to you, we would love to chat. Contact us today!

What Executives Are Saying

John Lawrence President


...helped us achieve over $4B sales pipeline growth in our first 5 months of working together. We enjoy our business development partnership, and we are excited about the sales projections for the months and years ahead through this trusted relationship.

Brad McBride CEO / Founder


Andy and his team helped generate over 200 inbound lead messages in 3.5 months with their solution. I am very pleased with the results.

Adam Taylor Consultant / IT Analyst


This is a game-changer in getting appointments with the right people using a better approach in our digital age. The number of inbound lead messages from the targeted list of executives far exceeded my expectations.

Lee Salz CEO / Bestselling Author


...expert advice in the areas of sales automation, inbound lead generation, and modern sales techniques. I have enjoyed being a featured guest on Andy's podcast and I look forward to other collaborations.

Ryan Rogers CEO / Founder


It's like making investments where your money is making money when you are sleeping. The automation is a huge time saver and a follow-up saver. I know this tool is constantly working while we are working as well.

Mike Kositzky President


I could not recommend Andy any more highly. This is evidenced by the fact the after Andy left the full time employment of Appian we continued to make use of his talents to assist us in critical projects.

Sammy LeBrasseur Founder / CEO


Andy's primary character trait, which puts him at the top of my list of people I have been truly grateful to work with, is his genuine kindness and unwavering dedication to providing you the best service possible.

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