Podcast with Eva - Guest Invitation

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Andy Hedrick 
CEO / Podcast Host 

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Eva Rumble 
VP / Podcast Host

Podcast and Hosts Overview

Over 20,000 people view and listen to our podcasts every month.  This segment is a 10 to 15 minute recorded spotlight video about you, pitfalls to avoid, keys to success, and how people can get in touch with you or your company. 

Andy Hedrick is a CEO, podcast host, software developer, and sales consultant who has worked with clients in 9 countries during his 25 year career. Eva Rumble is a spokesperson, podcast host, and former Chief Sales Officer for a technology company covering sales training and performance management.

Pick Your Recording Time Slot – What To Expect

After picking your recording time slot below, you will see a confirmation page with a short video explaining what to expect, recording tips, and a list of questions. During video post-production, we add your logo, profile photo, animation graphics, and company website.  We tag you on a featured post using LinkedIn, and the podcast audio and video is distributed using LinkedIn, Buzzsprout, and YouTube.  It is an awesome opportunity to spotlight your experience and your solutions! 

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