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Podcast Questions and Overview

Your podcast video is an 8-12 minute recorded session using Zoom and we do post-production to add your logo, profile photo, and custom transitions. 3 days after recording, your podcast is featured on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Buzzsprout with social media tags and hyperlinks for you and your company. We receive over 20,000 podcast playbacks per month and we look forward to featuring you and your expertise!  

Questions during your interview:

  1. Where were you, what happened, who were you surrounded with, that inspired you to do what you do today (~2 minutes) More than 3 minutes is too long.
  2. What are your top 3 SUCCESS SECRETS that others can model from based on your experiences? (~2 min)
  3. What are the top 3 MISTAKES TO AVOID based on the things you have seen and encountered during your career? (~2 min )
  4. What are the best ways for people to get in touch with you? (~30 Seconds – LinkedIn, email, website, etc.)
  5. What would you say as a final word of advice for our podcast audience? ( 30 seconds or less)

TIPS: Use good lighting in a quiet space. Use a headset or microphone for the best audio quality.  If you have any questions, feel free to email the team at info@truckingtower.com before your interview.

Andy has helped companies achieve these kinds of results:

  • increased sales revenue 51% year over year

  • grew sales pipeline by 10X in 6 months

  • led the system integration work and marketing with over 20 partner solutions

  • reduced client operating costs by over $3M per year

  • implemented trucking technology and trained 35 distribution centers across the US

  • led over $175M in contract negotiations

  • served as project leader to launch a centralized distribution center in the UK

  • led 2 distribution center startups in Asia

  • designed and implemented over 20 distribution centers including office spaces, storage, and packaging

Proven Strategic Consulting

Before founding Trucking Tower, Andy Hedrick worked for technology and consulting companies to sell and implement hundreds of projects with companies spanning 9 different countries.

That hands-on implementation experience, coupled with the need to generate more revenue at the most effective price led Andy to search out the most effective solutions and to partner with other technology companies to drive better results. 

Andy was the 3rd employee of Appian Logistics Software which would later become a part of Trimble, a publicly-traded company. He served as Director of Business Development through great year-over-year growth and their acquisition by TMW Systems. 

is first marketing assignment at the company in 1993 was to provide design feedback for a direct mail marketing campaign based on various concepts. He then got to experience the incoming calls from the interested companies and to discuss solutions with them. 

Right out of college, he traveled throughout Asia, Europe and North America delivering projects for international companies. He was always working to deliver great improvements and to sell the next big improvement idea based on current project results. 

After being an international road warrior for 5 years, he settled down in his home state of Oklahoma and started a family.

Andy has been a featured speaker at numerous supply chain conferences, and has provided insights and thought leadership for leading trucking and supply chain publications based on those hands-on implementation experiences around the globe. 

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